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1665: Queen Anne is born

Queen Anne never became world-famous like the earlier Queen Elizabeth. But she is known as the namesake of Colonial-era Annapolis, and the present-day state capital still marks her birthday: Feb. 6, 1665.

The last of the Stuarts to sit on the throne of England, Queen Anne was married to Prince George of Denmark. Her husband and her son, the Duke of Gloucester, both have city streets named after them

The queen reigned from 1702 to 1714, during which the unification of Scotland and England took place. The composer, George Frideric Handel, wrote an ode in honor of the queen's birthday.

Queen Anne was fond of racehorses. To get a statuesque glimpse of her, next time you're in London look for her outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

[Source: Jan Hardesty, Annapolis public information officer]

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