I've had requests to pick the final score of the Super Bowl. Didn't I already do that once? The Rose Bowl, I believe. And you want me to try doing it again? You're going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Remember George Costanza's advice: Always leave on a high note. I had Texas 48, USC 38. The nation still is abuzz over it. Now I risk ruining my reputation.

OK, who am I kidding? I'll throw a score out there later this week. I promise.

I was checking out the minor league transactions in a couple issues of Baseball America to see if I recognized any former Orioles farmhands. Or players who actually made the majors before disappearing.

The Braves signed Chad Paronto. Remember him? The Red Sox signed Luis Jimenez. Didn't the Orioles have a low-level minor league first baseman of the same name whom they lost in the Rule 5 draft?

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