Be good, and you can go see 'Nanny McPhee'


The kids are nasty beyond all reason, and Emma Thompson's makeup is about as repulsive as humanly possible, but Nanny McPhee offers simply a great time to be had at the movies.

Abandoning any sense of vanity, Thompson sports a bulbous nose, hairy warts and a buck tooth to end all buck teeth as the film's title character, a mysterious, officious nanny who shows up unannounced to care for the seven unruly children of widower Mr. Brown (Colin Firth), a harried mortician just one step away from debtor's prison. Desperate to keep his family together, he has accepted the financial help of his autocratic Aunt Adelaide (Angela Lansbury), who has one condition: that he marry again.

Nanny McPhee (Universal Pictures) Starring Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Kelly MacDonald. Directed by Kirk Jones. Rated PG. Time 97 minutes.

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