Terps Q&A; with Heather A. Dinich


Brett, Baltimore: Do you think had John Gilchrist had stayed we would be a more dominant team in the ACC?

Heather A. Dinich: That's a tough question to answer because while Gilchrist disrupted the team chemistry, he gave the Terps the one thing they don't have this season - a go-to player. Here's the thing, though, if you look at the current ACC standings, Maryland (13-4, 3-2 ACC) is in third place behind Duke and N.C. State. I'm not sure they'd be much farther ahead because of one guy.

Gary, Silver Spring: How is John Gilchrist doing in Israel?

Gary, check out this article I found in an Israeli newspaper. Sounds like he's doing well.

Mike, Columbia: It seems to me like Gary isn't as fiery and mad during games from seasons past (doesn't mean he's still not fierce on the court). Is he taking a different approach with this group of players or is he trying to change his image?

Heather A. Dinich: I can definitely hear him on occasion from my seat at halfcourt - across from the scorer's table. Sometimes he's more entertaining than the game.

While he has said he has "calmed down" since his younger days, he also added "not much." Michael Adams, an assistant who played for Gary at Boston College, said he's pretty much the same guy. The thing that bothers him most is when his players aren't prepared. There is also a side to him, though, that I don't get to see. Gary said it's not unusual for him to put an arm around one of his players, or sit and talk to them about something other than basketball.

Buck, Orange County: Have you heard anything more about Josh Portis who is transferring from Florida in regards to his psyche and what he expects coming to Maryland? As the 5th best recruited QB in the country out of high school and following Urban Meyer to Florida, he was the back up QB to Chris Leak and did play some as a true freshman. What did he not get at Florida that he expects to get at Maryland? I am happy to see Coach Friedgen get the type of QB that will fit his offensive style, but I'm a little worried about the mental instability that may come with him.

Heather A. Dinich: Simple - playing time. Like you said, Portis was backup to Leak, but he also knew that Florida just signed Tim Tebow, who is widely regarded as one of - if not - the best high school quarterbacks in the nation. Maryland had always been in the recruiting mix for Portis, and he saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Dave, Annapolis: Do you think Maryland is now a second-tier team in football in the ACC because of lax entrance requirements by FSU, Va. Tech and Miami?

Heather A. Dinich: Maryland's admission standards are higher than those of the NCAA and the ACC, which has complicated things for a few incoming players before. That has to play a factor in recruiting, because some other schools have a broader field of talent to choose from. That doesn't necessarily mean, though, the athletes are better. Maryland had back-to-back 5-6 seasons and didn't play Miami either year - and in 2004, the Terps beat Florida State.

Art, Christiansburg, Va.: If the Terps continue their losing ways, won't it become embarrassing to build a larger stadium that becomes about 40% full during the games? Maryland is not exactly playing great football these days.

Heather A. Dinich: Tell that to the Pittsburgh Pirates. It happens.

Steve, Glyndon: What nonconference teams are on Maryland's football schedule for 2006 and 2007?

Heather A. Dinich: They haven't released the schedule for 2006 yet, and Maryland only releases its schedules on an annual basis. It coincides with the ACC announcing the entire league's schedule. That should happen by the end of the month.

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