WE KNOW, WE KNOW. You don't always agree with the critics. So here's your chance to weigh in on movie topics and issues. Each week on this page, we'll ask a question. After we gather your answers, we'll publish the best of them. This week's question:

Grandmothers are getting rude, or so it may seem as a batch of potty-mouthed, dope-smoking, oversexed octogenarians arrives today with Grandma's Boy. (It wasn't screened for critics -- usually a very bad sign -- but we've all seen the trailer.) And who can forget Cloris Leachman's boozy, cranky grandma in last year's Spanglish?

We've had grumpy old men on the big screen for so long, that hardly makes news. But granny hooking up with a young dude? Hmm. Is this shocking, or just a raunchy new twist? Do you recall an even more racy or rollicking turn by a Hollywood grandmother?

Send your thoughts in a brief e-mail with your name, city and daytime phone number (and "Such a Critic" in the memo field) to We'll publish the best responses we get.

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