Two days off for Ravens

Despite losing their fourth straight game, the Ravens will have today and tomorrow off, a move that sits well with left guard Edwin Mulitalo.

NFL coaches differ on whether to give players Mondays off, but few choose to do so after losses. Punishing the team, according to Mulitalo, would send the wrong message.

"If we were college students, yeah, you bring them back and you run wind sprints," Mulitalo said. "As professionals, [we need] to clear our minds.

"As for me, spend some time with the family. Get away from it."

Running upthe score?

Up by 17 points with less than six minutes left in the game, the Jaguars attempted three passes, including one to the end zone on a first-and-goal from the 7-yard line that fell incomplete.

Ravens coach Brian Billick, though, blew off any thought that Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was trying to run up the score on his old team.

Quarterback Byron Leftwich also completed a 42-yard pass to Matt Jones, setting up a field goal.

"No. They're a competitive team that is trying to make the playoffs and create an identity," Billick said. "I've got no problems with that."


Ravens rookie receiver Mark Clayton played nearly the entire game and lined up all over the field.

Clayton played as the outside receiver, the inside receiver and two snaps in the backfield. Clayton converted a third-and-two by taking a pitch from the running back position, but the play was nullified because of a holding penalty on Orlando Brown.

"I'm just getting more comfortable overall as a whole," said Clayton, who finished with two catches for 3 yards. "I'm just champing at the bit to get my opportunity to make a big play for this offense."

Jaguars' line does the job

As expected, the Jaguars' defensive line - featuring two Pro Bowl tackles - contained the Ravens' running game and consistently pressured quarterback Kyle Boller.

The line, led by tackles Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, never allowed a run of more than 7 yards. The Jaguars rarely blitzed, yet Boller was sacked four times.

"We got beat," Ravens coach Brian Billick said. "Whether it was individually or collectively, a combination of blocks or individual blocks. There are a number of things we've got to do protection-wise to keep that from happening. We'll focus on it and see if we can get back into that."

Ravens center Mike Flynn was not willing to give the Jaguars' defensive line the definitive edge.

"I thought we matched up well with them," Flynn said.

Sitting out

Ed Reed, Dale Carter, Ovie Mughelli, B.J. Ward, Ray Lewis, Jason Brown, Adam Terry and Clarence Moore were the Ravens' inactive players.

Suggs playswith pain

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs made good on his promise to play despite a thigh inury that kept him out of practice all last week.

Suggs was obviously limited, though, and he finished with only one tackle and a quarterback pressure.

"It hurt a little bit, but that's no excuse," Suggs said. "I was supposed to produce for my team, and I didn't do a good job of that. I tried to bring heat on [Byron] Leftwich. I got a little on him, but he leaked out on the other side."

The Ravens only got to Leftwich once, a rather meaningless takedown by Jarret Johnson and Bart Scott midway through the fourth quarter with the outcome already decided.

G. Jones carriesJaguars' load

With Fred Taylor injured, the Jaguars chose to play Greg Jones, normally the starting fullback, as the featured back.

Jones became the first runner this season to crack 100 yards against the Ravens, finishing with 106 on 25 carries. Jones had a 20-yard run and a 17-yard run.

"He's a guy that can be a Pro Bowl fullback, that can be a power runner," Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said. "He can carry the load, and he's done that.

"In his career, he has been a guy that gets the ball 25 or 30 times a game. He's very durable, strong, very talented and has a great attitude. He's got a bright future."


As is his nature, Ravens defensive end Tony Weaver gave an honest assessment of his team's situation.

Weaver played the whole game and was instrumental in stopping Jaguars running back Greg Jones for no gain on a fourth-and-one in the first quarter.

"The reality of the situation is that we're not a very good football team," Weaver said. "Does that mean we're going to stop working? Does that mean we'll stop getting better? No."

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