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Many concerns about Parole project

I am a resident of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

I share the concerns that many citizens of A.A. County have with situations that seem to have arisen with the Parole Town Center development.

I attended the county board meeting [on Aug. 15]. The chamber was packed with folks who came to demonstrate their concerns by being there. ...

There seem to be big questions as to whether the developer is playing by the rules.

Under the Parole Plan of 1994, the developer can build ... 1,209,597 square feet. Under an incentive plan, he can build up to 1,814,396 square feet. Based on what may be the current plan, he is going for 2,147,650 square feet, and outside the rules.

The traffic load around this site is bad now and when this project is finished it will be impassable. The Parole nexus is the only gateway to South County, via Route 2, from the Annapolis area and north. It is also the gateway to westerly directions via General's Highway. Seventy out of 100 cars that go through Parole are going through north or south. Some studies indicate that some intersections there will be 165 percent over capacity established by ordinance and county code.

If the Parole Town Center is too hard to get to or is not attractive, people won't go there and all the shops there will suffer, or they will not get upscale businesses.

But the biggest problem seems to be that the county offices seem not to be forthcoming with the data or the documents as to changes and variances, respond with put-offs or vague answers, arrogant replies, hidden or hard-to-find document locations and similar opaque or "night and fog" operations.

Any arrogance or opaqueness on the part of government agencies is always very dangerous and must be nipped in the bud.

Gerard L. Field


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