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Fall is for slippers


Fall is just around the corner -- so step into the season with trendy and comfortable slippers.

Yes, slippers! In early spring the introduction of sequined and embroidered Indian slippers was just what we needed. They were bold, exotic, incredibly soft and definitely made a fashionable statement.

Thankfully, they'll be in style even through the fall season and can be worn with almost any outfit to add lots of style and sparkle.

Summer becomes fall As we make our way into fall, what do we do with all the summer dresses we loved so much in the heat? Take some of your favorite summer dresses and mix them with jeans, a denim jacket, a cardigan sweater or a blazer.

For a chic, cool look during this transition time, try pairing a pair of distressed jeans, such as these from Blue Cult, with a higher-end summery dress that can go easily from a daytime outing to an evening lawn party.

Why put your summer dresses in storage when they can make an easy transition into those cooler days ahead?

"Paige" style Blue Cult jeans, $152. Available at www.bluecult. com

Chantal ivory dress by Tocca (available in November), $363. Call Tocca at 866-325-7122 for nearest store locations.

Time for music

Hot on the heels of a successful clothing and sneaker line and a multiplatinum album, rapper 50 Cent has come out with something else to market himself and his own version of bling: G-Unit watches.

This line of wristwatches includes everything from iced-out models, to watches "on spinners" -- with spinning bezels on the face -- to the world's first MP3-playing watch.

The MP3 watch, made of stainless steel, is available with 256 or 512 megabytes of storage (or eight and 16 hours of music, respectively). Each watch includes a fully functional play control button, an equalizer, and a standard USB port for downloading music. Each even has an adapter for headphones.

G-Unit watches are priced from $299 to $3,500. Visit Or call 877-710-4400 to find a store near you that carries them.

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