Ravens camp update


Ravens camp update

Quarterback controversy? There is none yet, not after only two weeks of training camp. But backup Anthony Wright is playing just as well, if not better, than starter Kyle Boller. The Ravens have four preseason games to play, enough time for Boller to distinguish himself as starter. If he doesn't ...

The other guy: No. 3 quarterback Derek Anderson, the rookie out of Oregon State, continues to be impressive. He is hesitant at times because he lacks knowledge of the offense, but he can rifle the ball or use touch, as he did on a 40-yard bomb yesterday.

Moving over: Rookie offensive tackle Adam Terry was supposed to be the heir apparent to left tackle Jonathan Ogden, but he has been getting more practice time on the right side behind Orlando Brown. Maybe it's because the coaching staff likes to rest veterans here in Camp Cream Puff, or maybe Terry is playing better than expected.

New and improved: No player put in more time in the Ravens' weight room during the offseason than third-year guard Marques Ogden, little brother of Jonathan. Marques has reshaped his body, ridding it of a lot of baby fat. It would surprise no one if he made the team.

For Pete's sake: The Ravens are trying to set up a workout for former outside linebacker Peter Boulware. A lot of players would welcome Boulware back, especially third-year outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, who openly credited Boulware and Ray Lewis with his development after practice.

The Jamal Lewis file: There were no earth-shattering developments. Lewis ran the ball with both the first and second teams a few more times than he did Wednesday, but not at a full-time starter's pace. His limp from last year's ankle injury wasn't as noticeable as it was Wednesday after practice.

Today's practice: Special teams begin at 10 a.m. Regular practice is from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.

Injuries: Tight end Todd Heap (ankle and shoulder), running back Musa Smith (leg), end/outside linebacker Dan Cody (knee), cornerback Dale Carter (leg) and Adalius Thomas (knee) did not practice.

Countdown to season opener: 30 days.

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