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Unimaginative 'Deuce Bigalow' is no giggle-o


Who is killing the great "prosti-dudes" of Europe?

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo sends the repellent Rob Schneider male-hooker character to the Old World to solve this mystery. Because the sex-for-hire fellows of the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Scotland just aren't man enough for the job.

How they slipped this bodily fluid-flinging slapshtick past the increasingly deaf and dumb Motion Picture Association of America with only an R rating is the real mystery.

Deuce has married and buried his girl from the first film. (Deuce accidentally let her get eaten by a shark.) Old buddy pimp T.J. (Eddie Griffin) summons him to Europe, where a cop, (Jeroen Krabbe) has busted T.J. for the crimes.

At least the cop's niece, an obsessive-compulsive named Eva (Hanna Verboom), is cute, with lots of "adorable" tics. Maybe Deuce can learn to love again.

After he has proven T.J. is innocent. After he has put on a diaper, gotten stoned on brownies and taken the taunts of his fellow gigolos. And after he has questioned/serviced every woman in the various gigolos' little black books.

Everything ends with a big gigolo competition, where the toy boys show off skills of their trade - "the Portuguese Breakfast," "the Turkish Snowcone" - you get the picture.

Schneider seems exhausted by this. Griffin, ever the pro, gives his all. Krabbe looks lost.

Not a whole lot of imagination here, though the jokes about Europe's attitude toward America post-Iraq and the trash-talk between gigolos are funny.

Least imaginative of all: the TV-commercial director hired to film it. Yeah, his name is Bigelow, Mike Bigelow. Har-har.

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Deuce Bigalow

Starring Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin

Directed by Mike Bigelow

Released by Columbia

Rated R (crude humor, language, nudity and drug content)

Time 85 minutes


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