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Sarah Jessica Parker to be filming in Annapolis


Celebrity watcher alert: Irrepressible fashion plate Sarah Jessica Parker will be sporting her Manolo Blahnik footwear in Annapolis this week.

Parker, late of HBO's Sex and the City series, will be filming a scene for her next movie, Failure to Launch, on State Circle either tomorrow or Friday, says the film's publicist, Carol McConnaughey. In the scene, Parker will walk from Paws Pet Boutique toward Harry Brown's restaurant when she stops to speak with a friend.

Filming will take most of the day, and the decision to shoot tomorrow or Friday depends on the weather, McConnaughey says.

Failure to Launch stars Matthew McConaughey (no relation, publicist McConnaughey insists) as a thirtysomething confirmed bachelor, living contentedly at home with his parents, who becomes convinced they're setting him up with a dream date only to get him out of their house.

Matthew McConaughey, alas, will not be in Annapolis for the shoot. He will, however, be in the Easton-Oxford area, Carol McConnaughey said, where crews will be shooting exteriors and doing some filming on the water through the weekend. Matthew McConaughey's character in the film builds boats.

The bulk of Failure to Launch was shot in New Orleans. The Paramount Studios film, directed by Tom Dey (Showtime) and written by sitcom vets Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember, is penciled in for a spring release.

- Chris Kaltenbach

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