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Bolton installed as U.N. envoy

President Bush sidestepped Congress and installed John R. Bolton as his envoy to the United Nations through a recess appointment, three days after the Senate adjourned for the summer without breaking a bitter deadlock on the nomination. [Page 1a]

Discovery spacewalk planned

Astronaut Steve Robinson will make an unprecedented spacewalk beneath the belly of shuttle Discovery tomorrow to remove two small strips of material sticking out of the ship's heat shielding. Maintaining a smooth surface on the orbiter's belly is important to prevent overheating during the plunge through Earth's atmosphere. [Page 1a]

Bush discusses intelligent design

President Bush waded into the debate over evolution and intelligent design, saying schools should teach both theories on the creation and complexity of life. [Page 6a]


Saudi Arabia's King Fahd dies

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who led his desert kingdom into a controversial military alliance with the United States that produced a violent backlash by Islamic fundamentalists, died in Riyadh. He was believed to be 84. [Page 12a]

Ex-rebel's backers riot in Sudan

Supporters of former Sudanese rebel leader John Garang tore through Khartoum in riots that left 36 people dead, smashing cars and shops and angrily blaming the government for their hero's death in a helicopter crash. [Page 13a]

Britain unveils N. Ireland plan

Britain revealed a two-year plan for slashing its network of army garrisons and bases to peacetime levels in Northern Ireland, in a detailed response to peace moves by the Irish Republican Army. [Page 16a]

MARYLAND @SUBHEDCity Council backs hotel plan

The Baltimore City Council narrowly supported Mayor Martin O'Malley's plan for a publicly financed convention center hotel plan yesterday. The council support, which still requires two more rounds of voting, came after the announcement of a $59 million affordable housing fund. [Page 1a]

Md. faults Baltimore schools

State education officials filed court papers saying that the staff at three city schools were unaware last week of their obligations to provide compensatory services to students with disabilities this summer. The allegations are intended to bolster the state's case that a federal judge should give Maryland control over much of the operation of Baltimore schools. A hearing is set for later this month. [Page 1b]

Man convicted in girl's death

A Pikesville man was convicted yesterday of first-degree murder in the killing of a 15-year-old girl whose body was then set on fire in Gwynnvale Park last year. He was the last of four men to be tried in the killing. [Page 1b]


Novak lashes out at critics

Columnist Robert Novak, the first to print the name of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson, responded angrily to criticism of his silence on the case and the allegations that he had "deliberately disregarded" advice not to reveal the agent's identity. [Page 1c]

Atkins seeks Chap. 11 protection

Atkins Nutritionals, the company behind the once super-popular low-carbohydrate diet regimen, said it had filed a reorganization plan under Chapter 11. Analysts blamed the cyclical nature of diet fads in America. [Page 3a]

Couric ponders CBS offer

Today show co-host Katie Couric left open the possibility that she could soon end her TV partnership with Matt Lauer. Couric, whose contract expires in May, has been approached by CBS News about its evening news anchor job. She says she expects to make her decision in the fall. [Page 2c]


Home rehab projects on rise

The number of residential rehabilitation permits has nearly doubled in Baltimore in the last five years, pushed upward by the quickly rising tide of housing values. Increased demand for city homes accounts for most of the growth, city housing officials said. [Page 1d]

GM cuts prices for '06 models

General Motors Corp. announced reduced prices for its 2006 models as Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AGs Chrysler, which copied GM's offer of employee discounts to all U.S. buyers, extended their incentives for at least another month. [Page 1d]


Palmeiro suspended for steroids

Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro has been suspended for violating Major League Baseball's steroids policy. The action came five months after Palmeiro told a congressional hearing that he had not used steroids. [Page 1a]

Ravens' Cody sprains knee

Rookie Dan Cody, who was projected to be a pass rusher this season, sprained a ligament in his right knee during the Ravens' first training camp practice. He will be re-evaluated when the swelling goes down. [Page 3e]

White Sox finish sweep of O's

The White Sox completed a four-game sweep of the Orioles with a 6-3 victory. It was the White Sox's first four-game sweep in Baltimore since 1954. [Page 5e]



Testimony continued yesterday in the trial of two immigrants accused in the deaths of three young relatives. Read archived coverage of the crime.


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"When I testified before Congress, I knew I was testifying under oath. I told the truth. And today, I'm telling the truth again, that I did not do this intentionally or knowingly."

Rafael Palmeiro, after being suspended for steroid use (Article, Page 1A)








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