Board OKs block schedule, raises graduation standards

The Harford County school board has approved a broad plan that makes it tougher to get a high school diploma and puts all high schools but one on a new class schedule.

Students need to complete more credits - 26 instead of 21 - to graduate, as well as take a fourth year of math. Students also will take four career-related courses and complete off-campus internships. The reform package passed, 5-2, Monday.

The proposal also puts eight of the county's nine high schools on a four-period-a-day format, with most classes meeting for 90 minutes. The changes will be introduced in fall 2006. - Josh Mitchell


Dept. of Juvenile Services renews transportation deal

Carroll County renewed a contract with the state Department of Juvenile Services yesterday to continue providing transportation services to juvenile offenders.

The three-year, $195,000 agreement runs through June 30, 2008. The state reimburses the Carroll County Sheriff 's Office for costs incurred by transporting juvenile offenders to court, to housing facilities and to medical appointments.

In addition to mileage, the state pays $27.85 an hour for the deputy's time. The rate will increase 3 percent annually during the term of the contract to $29.55 per hour and 36 cents per mile in 2008. - Mary Gail Hare

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