Ground Zero redesign to be unveiled today


NEW YORK - A new version of the centerpiece building at Ground Zero, deemed by officials to be the "safest" office building in the world, will be unveiled today.

Architect David Childs was told to redo his vision for the iconic building in May after the New York Police Department raised several security issues, particularly noting that the building in its old design was vulnerable to damage from a truck bomb.

The new Freedom Tower will still stand 1,776 feet high in homage to America's independence, but the tower will be moved farther away from the street. According to previous reports, the building's base is being changed from a parallelogram to a square, and the walls and windows will be modified to make the building less vulnerable to attack.

Gov. George Pataki has made downtown rebuilding his top political priority, but he has recently weathered a series of setbacks and problems at Ground Zero, including the news that Goldman Sachs & Co. was putting on hold its plans to build a new headquarters downtown.

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