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Cousin gets high marks


Last week's question: Sydney L. Cousin took over as superintendent of Howard County schools after a series of controversies, including the ouster of the former schools chief and two allegations of grade tampering. Along with the Board of Education, Cousin has been working to restore stability and confidence in the school system. Did they succeed? How would you assess the school year?

Bravo to Dr. Cousin and the school board

Bringing Dr. Cousin back to the Howard County school system is at the top of my list of valuable contributions the Board of Education has made on behalf of the community in recent years. As members of the Oakland Mills High School community, my family suffered through the controversies of last year. Dr. Cousin has rebuilt confidence in the school system and improved morale among teachers.

I have volunteered in Howard County schools for 14 years, and I know through personal experience that Dr. Cousin is an honorable man who is true to his word. His predecessor cultivated a culture of fear. Bravo to the BOE and Dr. Cousin for turning things around.

Heather Tepe


A sense of relief, a sense of calm

When the Board of Education announced last year that Dr. Sydney Cousin would be the Superintendent, I felt a great sense of relief. With that also came the expectation that his appointment would restore a sense of calm to a system that was in turmoil. Dr. Cousin has a history with the Howard County public school system and his return as the superintendent has brought back a confidence in the system that was lacking. I just hope he decides to stay a long time.

Margaret Hunt


Confidence restored without a doubt

Without a doubt, Superintendent Dr. Sydney Cousin has restored the confidence and renewed the pride of Howard County in its school system.

I have volunteered through many different avenues within the school system over the last 13 years and have had the privilege to observe Dr. Cousin. He lifts his responsibilities of running our school system with honor for a system he played an important part in defining before his appointment to superintendent. His wisdom in moving through difficulty times showed foresight for the communities and students involved.

This past year has been the first in a long time that I have felt I could relax. Thanks to Dr. Cousin, I hope to see the next year even better.

June Cofield


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