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HAVE YOU EVER walked past someone who had on the wrong perfume for the season? On a hot summer day you said to yourself, "It's too warm out here for her to have on such a strong scent!"

Well, if you haven't, maybe that someone is you. The age-old rule, "A stronger fragrance in the winter and a lighter fragrance in the summer," still applies today.

Thankfully, fragrance makers have kept the "cool rule" in mind when releasing new summertime scents.

Givenchy, a fixture in the fragrance world, has just launched a new summer scent, Very Irresistible, which the company says has an icy and frosty effect, made possible by a clever combination of notes and new technology. For example, the scent has been enhanced by an addition of Italian mandarin orange for a "sorbet" effect -- and even the bottle looks iced. This floral fragrance, inspired by roses covered with morning dew, is light and alcohol-free. It's available in fine department stores; 2.5 ounces for $48.

Stella McCartney Parfums has introduced Sheer Stella version 2005. The company says this romantic fragrance is "cool, crisp and feminine." And judging by the names of the scents -- iced lemon, green apple, Granny Smith -- Sheer Stella also is delicious. This new perfume, also available in celestial rose and precious amber, sells for $48 for 3.3 ounces.

Sephora has come up with a life-saving solution to those summertime emergency smell-good situations. You know what happens after a long summer's day. Once the heat hits, your favorite fragrance -- alcohol-based as it is -- often evaporates, leaving you smelling not so fresh. With new gel-based fragrance pens from Sephora, you can discreetly dab those areas in need of a quick pick-me-up and get on with your day.

That's right. Perfume in a pen. What took them so long?

Sephora had perfect timing last month when it launched the ingenious, innovative way to apply summer fragrance. The pens -- a reformulation of the most popular scents from the company's Le Fleur Collection -- are alcohol-free and housed in slim, convenient, spill-proof cases.

Available in varieties of peony, jasmine, rose and lotus, the pens are designed to wear alone or together for a fun summer bouquet. And for $12 to $18, you can collect all these sensual scents to store in all your summer bags. The fragrance pens are available in Sephora stores nationwide, www.sephora.com and 1-877-SEPHORA.

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