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Does Annapolis have enough police?


Last week's question: After a recent wave of violent crimes, Annapolis Alderman George O. Kelley Sr. says he is concerned that the city does not have enough police officers to patrol its 16 square miles. He has asked a city council committee to look into the issue. But Mayor Ellen O. Moyer and Police Chief Joseph S. Johnson say the 126-member Police Department is adequately staffed. They point to statistics that show violent crime at its lowest point since 2002. Does Annapolis have enough police officers?

Cut crime by adding more street patrols

No! Annapolis does not have an adequate number of police officers! Police Chief Joseph S. Johnson and Mayor Ellen O. Moyer must not be aware of the need for police officers to patrol the streets as a method of crime prevention.

William B. Ray Odenton

We want your opinions

ISSUE: Maryland officials are advising local governments to expect as many as 10,000 new jobs at Fort Meade within seven years as the military consolidates bases and the ranks of the super-secret National Security agency are boosted.

Anne Arundel County officials say they are well-positioned to handle such an influx from the standpoint of office space, homes and roads.

But Howard County officials have said they are concerned about the increased demand for housing, and some planners and Smart Growth activists worry that moving jobs from the inner Washington suburbs will contribute to sprawl.

YOUR VIEW: Can Anne Arundel County handle the growth expected to be generated by the shift of jobs to Fort Meade and nearby areas? Tell us what you think at by Thursday. Please keep you responses short, and include your name, address and phone number. A selection will be published Sunday.

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