Recreation councils back park proposal

The Freedom Area Recreation Council has partnered with the Winfield Recreation Council and the Mount Airy Youth Athletic Association to support the proposed development of Krimgold Park and additional recreational facilities in South Carroll.

The Carroll County commissioners have been supportive of the South Carroll recreational needs with the approval of the addition of a gymnasium to the new South Carroll Senior Center and the proposed development of the Krimgold property.

At various locations around the community, add your support to a petition drive to the commissioners asking for their continuing support (Eldersburg Elementary snack facility, Fairhaven Park Clubhouse, Freedom Park snack facility).

There is also an e-mail petition at http://www.ipetitions. com/campaigns/Carroll Recreation/.

Join us in requesting that the county commissioners continue their commitment to recreation and the citizens of South Carroll. Over 11,000 citizens from Sykesville and Eldersburg participated in programs offered by the Freedom Area council in 2004. Over 3,700 volunteers give of their time at a saving to Carroll County of $275,000.

All outdoor and indoor facilities are overflowing in trying to meet the recreational needs of our community. Now is the time to unify our voice and support the current efforts to provide a place for our children to play today and tomorrow.

Pam Short Finksburg

The writer is coordinator of the Freedom Area Recreation Council.

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