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In Monday's editions, a men's lacrosse article incorrectly stated the number of NCAA championship games Johns Hopkins has played in since 1987. Hopkins has played in three.

A column by Gregory Kane in Monday's editions misstated the reason Sam Brown was arrested while attending Morgan State University. He was arrested while trying to integrate a theater near the school.

A caption Saturday that accompanied a photo about Calvert Hall winning the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association A Conference baseball title misidentified the player congratulating Joe Vellegia. He was Mike Dougherty. Also, Dougherty's father, Tim, was misidentified in the accompanying story.

A brief Associated Press obituary for Andrew Toti, published in the March 29 editions, incorrectly reported that he invented the inflatable life vest known as the Mae West. Instead, U.S. government records show that the late Peter Markus patented the vest in 1928 and sold it to the military years before Toti offered an unpatented design improvement.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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