State denies Leiberman unemployment benefits


Maryland has denied unemployment benefits to Sinclair Broadcast Group whistleblower Jon Leiberman, fired last fall for criticizing plans to air an anti-John Kerry documentary shortly before the 2004 presidential election, www.broadcasting reported last night.

Leiberman, a Westminster native, was fired by Hunt Valley-based Sinclair after he told The Sun the documentary Stolen Honor was "propaganda."

The Reed Business Information-operated Web site reported that a state Department of Labor report labeled Leiberman's actions "gross misconduct" and a "wanton disregard" of his obligations to Sinclair.

Sinclair decided not to air Stolen Honor, featuring swift boat veterans' claims that Kerry's 1971 anti-war testimony worsened treatment of Vietnam prisoners of war. It featured outtakes in its special A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media.

Leiberman must pay back $1,000 he received. He is working as a freelance producer for Fox's America's Most Wanted.

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