Eminent domain under review

As the Supreme Court prepares to deliberate on the issue of eminent domain - the taking of private property for public use - history is being rewritten for a Detroit neighborhood demolished in a landmark case in 1981. [Page 1a]

Attack sub Carter joins fleet

The USS Jimmy Carter entered the Navy's submarine fleet yesterday - the last of the Cold War-era attack subs to be built. Carter, a former president and Navy submariner, was on hand for the commissioning. [Page 3a]


Holy day marked by violence

Shiite Muslims in Iraq celebrated Ashura, their holiest day, with emotional displays of faith yesterday, despite suicide attacks by insurgents that killed at least 54 people and wounded more than 130. It was the deadliest day since the elections three weeks ago. [Page 1a]

Ex-presidents view devastation

Putting aside past political rivalry, former presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush visited tsunami-stricken areas of Thailand yesterday as part of their mission to coordinate private U.S. aid efforts. They also plan to visit Indonesia and Sri Lanka. [Page 21a]


St. Paul's teacher fatally shot

William Bassett, a longtime science teacher and administrator at St. Paul's School, was found fatally shot Friday night in a parking garage at the Towson Town Center mall, police said yesterday. [Page 1a]

Fears rise over motorcycle stunts

Risky encounters with high-performance motorcycles are becoming more common on state highways as sport bikes gain popularity. Police say they're concerned about the hazards posed by bikers zigzagging through traffic at 100 mph. [Page 1a]

Slots bill heads to delegates

When Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. introduced his slot machine bill for the third year in a row, he said he feared he was about to watch a bad movie over again. But the prospects of a different ending may become clearer this week. [Page 1b]


Terps top Virginia in 2 OTs

John Gilchrist hit the go-ahead three-pointer with 1:12 left in double overtime, giving No. 22 Maryland a 92-89 men's basketball victory over Virginia in Charlottesville. Gilchrist finished with 22 points, nine rebounds and six assists, helping the Terps bounce back from a 19-point loss to North Carolina State on Wednesday. [Page 1d]

NHL talks again done for good

After one last gasp and 6 1/2 hours of negotiations with two Hall of Famers, the NHL season is dead - again. Even having Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux at the bargaining table didn't help as talks broke down and left the canceled hockey season totally lost. "It's certainly not going to be resurrected after today," players association senior director Ted Saskin said. [Page 5d]


Harsher theft penalties sought

Bank robberies rose in Maryland and Delaware last year to their highest level in seven years, prompting local bankers to seek stiffer penalties for such crimes. Maryland alone had 299 in 2004, a 70 percent jump from 2000. [Page 1c]

Airline workers still fly free

Airline workers who get free flight privileges as a benefit have found it harder recently to travel because more paying customers are flying, filling the planes. But the perk is one workers say they treasure. And low-cost as well as traditional airlines say they won't take it away. [Page 1c]


Central Park as landscape art

Midway through its two-week run in New York's Central Park, The Gates, the latest art installation/event by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, is drawing extreme reactions. The artists themselves are unperturbed: "All experiences are valid. All feelings and responses are OK," they say. [Page 6e]


Lone wolves lonely no more

At Yellowstone National Park, winter is the time to see wolves. And despite the wolf's role in fairy tales, it has become nearly as popular in Yellowstone as Old Faithful. About 153,000 Yellowstone visitors have spotted Canis lupus, the planet's largest wild dog. [Page 1r]


"Trash is simply a failure of imagination."

Neil Benson, a Dumpster-diving artist who creates jewelry from typewriter keys (Article, Page 1N)



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