Wine of the Week


Bonny Doon "Loves Me" kit with Framboise ($26). OK, this might be better called Shameless Marketing Gimmick of the Week. For Valentine's Day, Bonny Doon has packaged its delicious Framboise along with certain other tryst-worthy paraphernalia (massage oil, candle, milk chocolate) in a gift box. The Framboise is like an electric jolt of pure Washington state raspberry -- sweet but balanced by bracing acidity. It would make lovely kir royale, but it seems a shame to dilute it -- even with champagne. Without the kit, the half-bottle of Framboise would cost about $12.

For those in the romantic wasteland, Bonny Doon offers a "Loves Me Not" kit (also $26) complete with its robust 2002 Heart of Darkness red wine from the French region of Madiran. It comes complete with bittersweet chocolate, a love letter eraser, cleansing soap and a voodoo doll (pins not included). Share it with a recent dumpee who still can laugh through the tears.

-- Michael Dresser

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