In '03 visit, O's fans took pop at Sosa


When, and if, Sammy Sosa suits up for the Orioles, expect fewer projectiles for his next appearance at Camden Yards than his only performance in Baltimore.

It was only 19 months ago when Sosa played for the Chicago Cubs in an interleague series, before Major League Baseball imposed an eight-game suspension on him (that was later shortened to seven games).

The slugger's suspension came after cork was found in one of his bats during a game June 3, 2003.

Not surprisingly, the crowd wouldn't miss a chance, seven days later, to let Sosa remember why he was going to get a vacation. During the seventh inning of that game, fans threw two corks toward the right fielder.

For the game - his only of the series - he did collect two hits in five at-bats in a 4-0 victory, receiving more cheers than boos.

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