CIA criticized on Nazi documents

Critics contend that the CIA is refusing to comply with a law ordering the release of hundreds of U.S. government documents on Nazi war criminals. [Page 3a]

Military's new assessments

The military plans to perform additional mental health assessments of returning Iraq veterans to help better identify service members suffering from psychological problems. [Page 10a]


Iraqis vote today

Under the threat of widespread insurgent attacks, Iraqis headed to the polls today in a landmark national election. Last night, a rocket launched at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad killed two Americans. [Page 1a]

Israeli-Palestinian talks go well

Israeli and Palestinian officials met yesterday to discuss security issues. Both sides said the talks went well. In Gaza, a political rally by Hamas turned violent when supporters of the rival Fatah faction opened fire, sparking a fight that wounded more than 20 people. [Page 14a]


Controversy over educator

Stuart Berger, who was fired nearly 10 years ago as Baltimore County's school superintendent after a tumultuous three years in the job, has parlayed his expertise and professional contacts into a successful for-profit enterprise running publicly funded alternative schools. While some clients praise Alternatives Unlimited, others have cut ties with his company, often amid concerns about the quality of the education being offered or arguments over teacher qualification and finances. [Page 1a]

A dip for Special Olympics

Several thousand people, many dressed in colorful costumes, took an icy dip in the Chesapeake Bay at Sandy Point State Park near Annapolis yesterday afternoon. The ninth annual Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge raised a record $625,000 in pledges for Maryland's Special Olympics. [Page 1b]

Criticism for Ehrlich labor plan

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s plan to eliminate two units that enforce wage laws has been criticized by Democratic lawmakers, labor leaders and advocates for immigrant workers. [Page 1b]


Getting tough on extra baggage

Baggage has become another reflection of the changes sweeping commercial aviation as more leisure travelers hit the skies with plenty of suitcases. Passengers are discovering that airlines, with cramped cabins full of carry-ons, are no longer letting that extra bag slide and are reaping millions in revenue from the fees. [Page 1c]


Ravens' Fuller is acquitted

Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller was acquitted of felony gambling and gun charges after being accused of running high-stakes card games at his house in Tallahassee, Fla. The six-member jury deliberated less than two hours before rejecting two days of prosecution testimony, nearly all of which failed to prove that Fuller gambled or took a percentage of the pot. [Page 6d]

Magic again beats Wizards

Steve Francis scored 32 points, and the Washington Wizards missed crucial free throws down the stretch for the second straight night, giving the Orlando Magic a 103-97 victory and a sweep of back-to-back games between the teams. [Page 10d]

Sosa trade could be official Tues.

A high-ranking Orioles official confirmed that Sammy Sosa is scheduled to take his physical examination Tuesday in Baltimore. If he passes it, and second baseman Jerry Hairston does the same in Chicago, the long-rumored trade with the Cubs becomes official. According to a major league source, the Cubs will pick up $12.5 million of Sosa's contract this year, before he becomes a free agent, and the Orioles owe $7 million. [Page 1a]


New second home for BSO

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra opens its new second home this week, the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda. With state-of-the-art architecture and acoustics, the new space promises patrons a chance to experience the symphony in a whole new way. [Page 6e]


Parenting's outside factors

Two recent studies say American parents are confident that they can raise strong, healthy and successful children -- if they aren't burdened by challenges beyond their control. Many say they feel squeezed by outside forces such as job loss, limited child care options and the cost of health care. [Page 1n]


RV sales on the rise

America's highways are filling up with seasoned citizens eager to travel for months at a time. RV sales in the United States were up 17.5 percent in 2004, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, and 10 percent of those driving the nation's 7.5 million RVs are over 55. [Page 2r]


"We asked a pretty loud rock band to come in and practice, probably not typical of what will be here. But it was useful for us."

Richard Laidman, one of a team of sound designers for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's new Music Center at Strathmore (Article, Page 6E)



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