Two Arundel men charged in assault, attempt to run down man with truck


An Anne Arundel County motorist and his passenger were charged late Monday with misdemeanor assault after police said the driver tried to run down an Oxon Hill man near Annapolis Middle School.

Police said that when Michael Brian Conwell, 20, of Crownsville saw the pedestrian on Forest Drive near Rosecrest Drive about 8 p.m., he steered his Chevrolet Blazer toward the edge of the road in an attempt to strike him.

Officer Hal Dalton, an Annapolis police spokesman, said that as the truck approached the victim, the passenger, Christopher Allen McDonald, 19, of Deale, opened the passenger-side door, slamming the pedestrian.

Both men then got out of the truck and beat the victim, Dalton said.

The victim, Darren Anthony Wimbush, 22, told police the two men - whom he did not know - attacked him because they saw him argue with his girlfriend in her car, Dalton said.

Dalton said that after the verbal exchange, Wimbush's girlfriend kicked him out of her vehicle; after Conwell and McDonald checked on her, they went after Wimbush, Dalton said.

Wimbush told police that he ran to a nearby gas station parking lot in the 1300 block of Forest Drive, but the men pursued him in the truck and tried to run him down again, Dalton said. The truck drove away after a gas station attendant stepped outside, he said.

Wimbush gave police a description of the men and the vehicle, which police pulled over a few minutes later. Wimbush suffered minor injuries. Dalton said he did not know whether Wimbush received medical attention.

Conwell and McDonald were released from the county jail Tuesday on $7,500 and $5,000 bond, respectively.

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