Glenelg says varsity used starter from out of county


For the second time in less than a year, a Howard County high school has self-reported the use of an out-of-district player on its football team.

This time, a Glenelg football player is ineligible, and the Howard County rules and infractions committee will meet Monday to decide on a penalty.

Last February, following Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association guidelines, Wilde Lake forfeited five wins in which an out-of-district player participated.

Yesterday, Glenelg principal Kar Schindler announced to the Glenelg High community the state eligibility infraction.

In an e-mail, Schindler wrote: "Today, the administrative team, coaches and athletic director met with the varsity football team to inform them that Glenelg High School self-reported an eligibility infraction involving an out-of-district athlete. Obviously, due to confidentiality issues, I cannot share any details with you at this time ... "

Glenelg athletic director Mike Williams said the player participated in track and football for two years. The football team was 7-3 last season and 10-2 the year before.

Williams said the player was a football starter who played in all the games but lived outside Howard County.

"We have accumulated 13 documents that have the same [false] address on them, so there's nothing anyone here could have done," Williams said. "Everyone at Glenelg followed every rule in good faith to the letter of the law. There's a systemic flaw statewide. You have to hope people will be honest. How can you absolutely verify every address?

"No one's happy about this, but there's nothing anyone could have done to prevent it. This is a rule that hurts innocent kids and coaches."

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