Moving from the boardroom to the boards?


A company of Dancing Omarosas? The Singing Kwames? A George and Carolyn duet? These horrifying prospects and more could become a reality if The Apprentice: The Musical hits Broadway.

According to industry trade publications, producer Mark Burnett is working on songs and describes the project as "a love story," suggesting that nobody has learned anything from the lessons of From Justin to Kelly. Chatting with reporters about the third season of The Apprentice, which made its premiere Thursday on NBC, Donald Trump faced questions about seeing his reality show tread the boards.

"We are really looking at it," he said. "Because of the great success of The Apprentice, every producer on Broadway wants to get involved with this. ... We'll probably have something to report one way or the other in the not-too-distant future."

Showing a rare measure of restraint, Trump doesn't suggest that he should appear in his own musical, but he has some very specific ideas about how he should be depicted.

"I just want the reincarnation of Cary Grant to play me," he said with a chuckle. "I don't care if he can act, I just want him to be great looking."

Trump, whose on-camera deal for the NBC series concludes after this season, claims that there have been casual discussions about his signing on for a fourth and fifth season. He said he knows that an Apprentice musical would have to do more than just parrot the show.

"You can't just put the name Apprentice on a Broadway marquee and think it's going to do well. People are too smart for that. I think if it's able to show the drama, the tension, in a way the love, the anxiety and all of the other things The Apprentice shows, it's going to be a very big hit on Broadway," he said.

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