Holiday escape to spa


A few months ago, you wrote about spa getaways. Where can I find a list of spas to escape to for a Presidents Day weekend holiday with my daughters?

Nothing like seaweed wraps and sugar scrubs to honor the births of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. To find the hottest spas around, from Luna Day Spa in Ellicott City and Farashe The Day Spa in Columbia to destination spas like Mandarin Oriental in Washington, visit Happy hunting.

My cholesterol isn't high, but it is borderline. Should I stay away from eggs?

While eggs certainly won't lower your cholesterol, eating them a few times a week shouldn't have a negative impact on your health.

The American Heart Association has announced that those with normal blood cholesterol levels can safely eat one to two eggs daily. Loaded with protein and iron, eggs are an inexpensive and nutritious food, so -- unless your doctor has banned them from your diet -- there is no reason to cut them out entirely.

Eating plain egg whites is another option, and better for your cholesterol, but you'll also be passing up many of the nutrients eggs offer.

Bottom line? As long as you're living a healthy lifestyle -- plenty of exercise and a balanced diet -- you can have your yolks and eat them, too.

Besides draining fat from the pan, how can I cook lighter without changing my recipes?

While an extra pat of butter in the skillet can make a dish soar, it can also make your scale creep. To cook more healthfully and eliminate excess calories, try these tricks:

Get creative. Use light salad dressings, broths or fruit preserves in place of cooking oils and margarine.

Broil, poach, steam and bake instead of sauteing and pan-frying.

Use butter and salt sparingly. You can always add more later.

To preserve nutrients, cook fruits and vegetables in their skins -- but don't cook chicken and turkey in their skins.

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