Couple indicted on charges of harboring illegal workers


An Ellicott City couple were indicted by a federal grand jury in Baltimore yesterday, accused of harboring and employing illegal immigrants to operate their food-supply businesses.

Bao Ping Wang, 38, and his wife, Trang Lu, 40, owners and operators of Chang Jiang Seafood Supplier Inc. in Baltimore and Arctic Seafood Inc. in Atlanta, also face money-laundering charges.

According to the indictment, the couple housed or concealed immigrants and undocumented Chinese workers employed by Chang Jiang Seafood and Arctic Seafood from October 1998 to Sept. 28, 2004.

The couple also face charges that they hired at least 10 undocumented Chinese workers from July 2002 to September 2004, the indictment says.

The two are also accused of conducting financial transactions involving the proceeds of a conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants and encourage them to remain in the United States from Oct. 24, 2000, to Sept. 28, 2004, the indictment says.

The charges of harboring and employing illegal immigrants carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and restitution. The maximum for money laundering is 20 years, a fine and restitution.

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