Magnetic bracelets could ease arthritis

I heard a report about the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets for arthritis pain. My 85-year-old father suffers terribly and has been taking Celebrex. We're concerned about reports linking Celebrex to heart attacks and strokes. Heart disease runs in our family, so I want to find the bracelets for him.

Others in our family have similar concerns. I had my knees replaced in my mid-50s, and my son, in his 30s, is already miserable. I need to know more.


What journal published the study? What are the specifics about the type of magnetic bracelet?

The study was published in the British Medical Journal (Dec. 16, 2004). Patients were randomly assigned to wear a standard-strength magnetic bracelet (neodymium), a weak magnetic bracelet or a bracelet with nonmagnetic steel washers. After 12 weeks, those who wore the full-strength magnetic bracelet had significant improvement of knee and hip pain. The authors conclude that the bracelets provided relief comparable to that from standard arthritis pain medications.


I know a man who drinks a fifth or more of alcohol a day. He often takes three Tylenol PM at bedtime despite being full of alcohol. We are trying to gather facts about the possible interactions so we can talk to him armed with this information. We hope to encourage him to stop the Tylenol PM. (Of course, we'd like him to stop the drinking, but he appears beyond our help right now.)

That much alcohol is hard on the liver, to say the least. Combined with acetaminophen (Tylenol), the risk of liver damage is greatly increased and could be life-threatening. Diphenhydramine (the antihistamine in PM pain drugs) could add to his sedation and make him a "zombie."

Prescription drugs can fight alcohol cravings. ReVia and the brand-new Camprol might be useful if he ever wants to stop drinking.

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