To our readers


To our readers

We heard you.

In response to your passionate outpouring, we have decided to restore some of the features that have been absent in recent weeks from The Sun. Starting tomorrow, The Sun crossword puzzle will return to the Today section, and The New York Times crossword puzzle will appear with the automotive advertising Monday through Saturday.

In addition, two of the comics you told us you missed most - Apartment 3-G and The Phantom - will return to the paper tomorrow. Doonesbury and The Boondocks will be moving to the Opinion/ Commentary page opposite the editorials Monday through Saturday.

On Thursday, Mike Himowitz's technology column will appear in the business section. And Frederick N. Rasmussen's column about Maryland's rich history will appear Saturday in the Today section.

The changes instituted last month were our best effort to respond to budgetary pressures such as rising newsprint costs, while at the same time producing the high-quality newspaper our readers deserve.

We deeply appreciate your feedback and ideas, which are evidence of the healthy relationship between this newspaper and the community it serves. Thanks for taking the time to write, call, e-mail and show that you care.

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