Florida marathon draws animated bunch


Big running event yesterday in Florida, the Disney Marathon. Participants ran through Disney's four theme parks. But not all made it. There were these disqualifications:

Pulling her version of a Rosie Ruiz, Mary Poppins opened her umbrella and flew over part of the course.

Pluto, seeing that Goofy was allowed to run, tried to enter but was told, "No dogs allowed." Pluto was understandably confused.

Snow White veered too far off course in search of some SPF 60.

Aladdin's first-place finish was disallowed when it was learned the Genie had granted his wish for a victory.

A race judge who'd seen Mickey Mouse in Fantasia demanded he take a drug test.

Donald Duck was thrown out for not wearing any running shorts.

As all those NFL-sponsored commercials tell us, the playoffs are different, more intense.

Take the New York Jets sideline, for example.

During Saturday's game against the San Diego Chargers, head coach Herm Edwards and running backs coach Bishop Harris had to be separated in the midst of a heated argument.

According to the New York Daily News, Edwards and Harris had a disagreement over what personnel was in the game just before the Jets kicked a field goal to go up 17-7. They were substituting LaMont Jordan for Curtis Martin when Edwards confronted Harris and appeared to bump him slightly. The two jawed at each other, and then other coaches and players had to push them apart.

Edwards got the last word.

"Head coach always wins the family arguments," Edwards said.

And that was about all Edwards would say about it.

"I'll say it for the fifth time again: family argument and I'm going to leave it alone. Just write that we won a playoff game."

Of course, in family arguments not involving playoff games in the Flip household, Mrs. Flip always wins.

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