Allan Prell takes act to Seattle


Attention fans of Allan Prell, the former longtime WBAL radio personality: He didn't retire. He didn't join a cult. He didn't sell any of the screenplays he was always threatening to write.

Instead, he's taking his act to Seattle.

Starting Monday, the Allan Prell Show will air from 9 a.m. to noon every weekday on Newsradio 710 KIRO, the top-rated news-talk station in the Pacific Northwest.

Prell, who was host of a popular morning talk show from 1982 to 1999 at WBAL Radio, signed a three-year contract with the station.

According to KIRO program director Tom Clendening, a former news director at WBAL radio, Prell will do an "issue-oriented talk show. But you know Allan. He'll do the off-beat, the unusual angle, the quirky perspective."

The main reason Prell was hired, said Clendening, "was I had worked with him so long and knew the phenomenal ratings he used to have with WBAL."

"I'm very excited," said Prell, whose last work in radio was a brief stint as talk-show host at KNRC-AM in Denver in 2002. "I'll be doing the same cockamamie [stuff]. It's the most fun I've had in years."

Prell, who can still be heard in the Baltimore area in commercials for Morris the Remodeler and Drayer's Florists, left WBAL Radio in August 1999, noting philosophical differences with station management over the content of his show.

Last fall, Prell wrote and produced a song called "Help Is on the Way," which he tried to sell to the presidential campaign of John Kerry as a rallying anthem for the Democrats.

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