Roll call vote on medical malpractice insurance bill


A bill designed to keep medical malpractice insurance costs for doctors in check, funded by a 2 percent premium tax on HMOs, was approved in the General Assembly early yesterday on a largely party-line vote.

In the Senate, 32 senators voted for the bill and 13 opposed it. Two senators were absent.

In the House of Delegates, 85 delegates voted for the bill and 44 opposed it. Three delegates were listed as not voting. Nine others were absent.



John C. Astle, D-Anne Arundel

Gwendolyn T. Britt, D-Prince George's

James Brochin, D-Baltimore County

Joan Carter Conway, D-Baltimore City

Ulysses Currie, D-Prince George's

James E. DeGrange Sr., D-Anne Arundel

George W. Della Jr., D-Baltimore City

Nathaniel Exum, D-Prince George's

Jennie M. Forehand, D-Montgomery

Brian E. Frosh, D-Montgomery

Robert J. Garagiola, D-Montgomery

John A. Giannetti Jr., D-Prince George's

Lisa A. Gladden, D-Baltimore City

Leo E. Green, D-Prince George's

Sharon M. Grosfeld, D-Montgomery

Patrick J. Hogan, D-Montgomery

Paula C. Hollinger, D-Baltimore County

Ralph M. Hughes, D-Baltimore City

Philip C. Jimeno, D-Anne Arundel

Verna L. Jones, D-Baltimore City

Edward J. Kasemeyer, D-Howard

Delores G. Kelley, D-Baltimore County

Katherine A. Klausmeier, D-Baltimore County

Rona E. Kramer, D-Montgomery

Gloria G. Lawlah, D-Prince George's

Nathaniel J. McFadden, D-Baltimore City

Thomas M. Middleton, D-Charles

Thomas V. Mike Miller, D-Prince George's

Paul G. Pinsky, D-Prince George's

Ida G. Ruben, D-Montgomery

Norman R. Stone Jr., D-Baltimore County

Leonard H. Teitelbaum, D-Montgomery


David R. Brinkley, R-Frederick

Richard F. Colburn, R-Dorchester

Roy P. Dyson, D-St. Mary's

Janet Greenip, R-Anne Arundel

John J. Hafer, R-Allegany

Larry E. Haines, R-Carroll

Andrew P. Harris, R-Baltimore County

Allan H. Kittleman, R-Howard

Alex X. Mooney, R-Frederick

Donald F. Munson, R-Washington

E.J. Pipkin, R-Queen Anne's

Sandra B. Schrader, R-Howard

J. Lowell Stoltzfus, R-Somerset


J. Robert Hooper, R-Harford

Nancy Jacobs, R-Harford



Curtis S. Anderson, D-Baltimore City

Charles E. Barkley, D-Montgomery

Kumar P. Barve, D-Montgomery

Joanne C. Benson, D-Prince George's

Elizabeth Bobo, D-Howard

John L. Bohanan Jr., D-St. Mary's

Bennett Bozman, D-Worcester

Talmadge Branch, D-Baltimore City

Eric M. Bromwell, D-Baltimore County

William A. Bronrott, D-Montgomery

Emmett C. Burns Jr., D-Baltimore County

Michael E. Busch, D-Anne Arundel

Joan Cadden, D-Anne Arundel

Rudolph C. Cane, D-Wicomico

Jon S. Cardin, D-Baltimore County

Jill P. Carter, D-Baltimore City

Galen R. Clagett, D-Frederick

Virginia P. Clagett, D-Anne Arundel

Mary A. Conroy, D-Prince George's

Norman H. Conway, D-Wicomico

Jean B. Cryor, R-Montgomery Clarence

Davis, D-Baltimore City

Dereck E. Davis, D-Prince George's

Steven J. DeBoy Sr., D-Baltimore County

John P. Donoghue, D-Washington

Ann Marie Doory, D-Baltimore City

Kathleen M. Dumais, D-Montgomery

Brian J. Feldman, D-Montgomery

Peter Franchot, D-Montgomery

Barbara A. Frush, D-Prince George's

Tawanna P. Gaines, D-Prince George's

Marilyn R. Goldwater, D-Montgomery

Marshall T. Goodwin, D-Baltimore City

Michael R. Gordon, D-Montgomery

Melony Ghee Griffith, D-Prince George's

Ana Sol Gutierrez, D-Montgomery

Peter A. Hammen, D-Baltimore City

Keith E. Haynes, D-Baltimore City

Anne Healey, D-Prince George's

Henry B. Heller, D-Montgomery

Sheila E. Hixson, D-Montgomery

Marvin E. Holmes Jr., D-Prince George's

John Adams Hurson, D-Montgomery

Adrienne A. Jones, D-Baltimore County

Anne R. Kaiser, D-Montgomery

Darryl A. Kelley, D-Prince George's

Nancy J. King, D-Montgomery

Carolyn J. Krysiak, D-Baltimore City

Sue Kullen, D-Calvert

Susan C. Lee, D-Montgomery

Murray D. Levy, D-Charles

Mary Ann Love, D-Anne Arundel

James E. Malone Jr., D-Baltimore County

Adrienne A. Mandel, D-Montgomery

Salima S. Marriott, D-Baltimore City

Brian K. McHale, D-Baltimore City

Maggie L. McIntosh, D-Baltimore City

Pauline H. Menes, D-Prince George's

Joseph J. Minnick, D-Baltimore County

Brian R. Moe, D-Prince George's

Karen S. Montgomery, D-Montgomery

Dan K. Morhaim, D-Baltimore County

Gareth E. Murray, D-Montgomery

Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, D-Baltimore County

Nathaniel T. Oaks, D-Baltimore City

Jeffrey A. Paige, D-Baltimore City

Rosetta C. Parker, D-Prince George's

Obie Patterson, D-Prince George's

Shane E. Pendergrass, D-Howard

Carol S. Petzold, D-Montgomery

James E. Proctor Jr., D-Prince George's

Neil F. Quinter, D-Howard

Victor R. Ramirez, D-Prince George's

Samuel I. Rosenberg, D-Baltimore City

Justin D. Ross, D-Prince George's

David D. Rudolph, D-Cecil

Luiz R.S. Simmons, D-Montgomery

Theodore J. Sophocleus, D-Anne Arundel

Joan F. Stern, D-Montgomery

Herman L. Taylor II, D-Montgomery

Frank S. Turner, D-Howard

Veronica L. Turner, D-Prince George's

Joseph F. Vallario Jr., D-Prince George's

Michael L. Vaughn, D-Prince George's

Bobby A. Zirkin, D-Baltimore County


Susan L.M. Aumann, R-Baltimore County

Joseph R. Bartlett, R-Frederick

Gail H. Bates, R-Howard

David G. Boschert, R-Anne Arundel

Joseph C. Boteler III, R-Baltimore County

Charles R. Boutin, R-Harford

John W.E. Cluster Jr., R-Baltimore County

Robert A. Costa, R-Anne Arundel

Donald H. Dwyer Jr., R-Anne Arundel

Adelaide C. Eckardt, R-Dorchester

George C. Edwards, R-Garrett

Donald B. Elliott, R-Carroll

D. Page Elmore, R-Somerset

William J. Frank, R-Baltimore County

Terry R. Gilleland Jr., R-Anne Arundel

Barry Glassman, R-Harford

Jeannie Haddaway, R-Talbot

W. Louis Hennessy, R-Charles

Patrick N. Hogan, R-Frederick

Richard K. Impallaria, R-Baltimore County

Mary-Dulany James, D-Harford

J.B. Jennings, R-Baltimore County

A. Wade Kach, R-Baltimore County

Kevin Kelly, D-Allegany

Susan W. Krebs, R-Carroll

John R. Leopold, R-Anne Arundel

Susan K. McComas, R-Harford

Tony McConkey, R-Anne Arundel

Robert A. McKee, R-Washington

Herbert H. McMillan, R-Anne Arundel

Warren E. Miller, R-Howard

LeRoy E. Myers Jr., R-Allegany

Anthony J. O'Donnell, R-Calvert

Joanne S. Parrott, R-Harford

Christopher B. Shank, R-Washington

Tanya Thornton Shewell, R-Carroll

Michael D. Smigiel Sr., R-Cecil

Richard A. Sossi, R-Queen Anne's

Nancy R. Stocksdale, R-Carroll

Paul S. Stull, R-Frederick

Mary Roe Walkup, R-Kent

Michael H. Weir Jr., D-Baltimore County

Richard B. Weldon Jr., R-Frederick

John F. Wood Jr., D-St. Mary's


John S. Arnick, D-Baltimore County

James W. Hubbard, D-Prince George's

Patrick L. McDonough, R-Baltimore County


Anthony G. Brown, D-Prince George's

Tony E. Fulton, D-Baltimore City

Hattie N. Harrison, D-Baltimore City

Carolyn J.B. Howard, D-Prince George's

Sally Y. Jameson, D-Charles

Ruth M. Kirk, D-Baltimore City

Richard S. Madaleno Jr., D-Montgomery

Doyle L. Niemann, D-Prince George's

John G. Trueschler, R-Baltimore County

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