N.Y. media rush to sack ranting Pennington


So what did Chad Pennington expect? Oh, it's OK, Chad. We understand. It's tough being an NFL quarterback.

Not exactly.

In his first game since he lectured the New York media, Pennington didn't deliver in the Jets' loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. Here was the warm and fuzzy greeting he got from Gary Myers of the New York Daily News on Monday:

"Chad Pennington, the $64 million quarterback, is becoming predictable. He turns into the $64 quarterback whenever the Jets face an elite team and attempt to prove they belong in the league's top tier.

"All the commotion Pennington created last week with his ill-conceived rant at the media put an inordinate amount of pressure on him to have an All-Pro game against the Patriots. It was pressure he clearly could not handle."

This was part of the offering by Bob Glauber of Newsday:

"Pennington is a quarterback who thrives on his intellect, but he continues to make bad choices against the league's better defenses. In the three games against the Patriots and Steelers, Pennington has one touchdown and five interceptions.

"Joe Montana? More like Joe Schmoe."

And Steve Serby in the New York Post:

"On a day when Chad Pennington and the Jets needed to show up as big and mean as Shaquille O'Neal, they gave us Pee Wee Herman instead. ...

"Pennington failed. This was his moment, his stage, and he and his team played as if they had stage fright.

"He failed to convince New York he is its big-game quarterback, failed to answer that $64 Million Question the way he vowed he would."

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

And then there's Cleveland.

Listen to Tom Reed of the Akron Beacon Journal:

"What do you give the fan who doesn't have anything? At least nothing to show in the form of major pro sports championships since Dec. 27, 1964, when the Browns defeated the Baltimore Colts, 27-0, in the NFL title game.

"No gag gifts, please. Don't litter the lawns of unsuspecting fans with placards bearing the words: Cleveland Crunch: NPSL champions 1994, '96, '99.

"How about a little respect? It's time to recognize the painfully obvious. Cleveland has the longest-suffering sports fans. It's our only title. Where should we hang the banner?"

Sure, explore your pain, but what's with dissing the Crunch?

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