Product offers new hope for sufferers of frequent, severe nosebleeds


My son, my granddaughter and I have inherited a blood vessel disease (HHT) that results in frequent debilitating nosebleeds. My mother had thousands of transfusions that led her to contract AIDS and die 20 years ago. I am on disability, and my son, now 31, can't hold a full-time job. I read in your column about a product that stops nosebleeds, but I lost the paper. Please tell us what it is.

The product is NosebleedQR. It combines potassium salt with a hydrophilic polymer and usually stops a nosebleed in less than a minute.

One ear-nose-throat specialist was enthusiastic about the product for a patient with the same condition you have:

"I see very difficult cases of epistaxis (nosebleeds) in my practice, and NosebleedQR has worked amazingly well. One patient has HHT (hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia) that causes complicated, difficult-to-control nosebleeds. QR will definitely change how I practice. I am recommending it to all my epistaxis patients as well as patients at risk for regular nosebleeds."

NosebleedQR is available in the first-aid aisle of many pharmacies. You can also check or call 1-800-722-7559 for more information.

I just totaled the amount my wife and I spent on prescription drugs for this year. Her bill was in excess of $1,800, and mine was more than $3,600. We already use a mail-order pharmacy to save as much money as we can. We are dipping into savings to pay for our prescriptions. How can I find a reliable Canadian drugstore online?

You are right to be cautious. Just because a Web site claims to be in Canada doesn't make it reputable. Look for the Provincial pharmacy license number on the Web site and a physical address in Canada. The pharmacy must require that you provide a doctor's prescription and sign a patient agreement.

For many years, I was plagued with severe muscle cramps, usually in the middle of the night. Several months ago one of your readers suggested drinking low sodium V8 juice, noting that it has more potassium and fewer calories than bananas. I decided to try it and began drinking 8 ounces daily. In four months, I have not had a single muscle cramp. I heartily recommend it to anyone who has nighttime leg cramps.

We're delighted with your success. We can't think of a healthier approach to warding off leg cramps. The extra potassium might also be beneficial for blood pressure control.

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