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From those who thought you had everything


Surely by now you've opened all your holiday gifts, maybe even started thank-you notes. But be honest: Was there an $8,000 Mr. Potato Head among them? A canister of Mother Teresa breath spray? A thumb-wrestling arena? Santa could have brought you these, and more:

Reflecto television: "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Why do I look like Morley Safer?" Don't be alarmed. It's just a TV set inside your bathroom mirror. With a click of the remote, a 15-inch LCD screen materializes in the mirror, enabling you to apply makeup, shave or brush your teeth while watching your favorite show. When turned off, the TV is invisible. $3,349 from smarthome.com.

Get ready to thumble!: Place this miniature wrestling ring, complete with elastic ropes, over any two thumbs and let the games begin. The Pro Thumb arena retails for $6.50 at hogwild.com. Thumbs not included.

Posh Potato Head: If Liberace were reincarnated as a tuber, he'd probably look like Neiman Marcus' $8,000 Mr. Potato Head. The blinged-out vegetable is covered head to toe with 23,000 Swarovski crystals.

Retro cell phones: For people who can't quite adjust from land lines to cell phones, the perfect gift is Pokia.com's "Retro phone of the future." It's an antique handset that plugs into nearly any type of cell phone. Designer Nicolas Roope sells the receivers on eBay for $60 and up. Knockoff versions also are available.

Saintly breath: For that special someone with unheavenly breath, give the gift of Mother Teresa Breath Mist. The $5 peppermint spray promises deliverance from the "ungodly scourge of halitosis." Visit blueq.com for a store list.

Little deuce blimp: Hummers and luxury automobiles are a dime a dozen. What's a status-conscious driver to do? Visit neimanmarcus.com and be the first on your block to own a $10 million zeppelin and a $1.7 million submarine.

T-bone carpet: Carnivores will salivate over Mcphee.com's cushiony meat throw rug, which resembles a giant hunk of raw steak ($13.95). The Web site also peddles meat-emblazoned shower curtains. Don't forget the A-1 sauce!

Airhead trophy: Hang this inflatable deer head on your wall and tell guests you shot it with an air rifle. Endorsed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Inflatable Animals. $19.95 at baronbob.com.

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