Corner lots can be less desirable than others


Dear Mr. Azrael:

I'm ready to sell my home, which is built on a corner lot.

Why isn't a corner lot more valuable than an interior lot?

You face two streets and have two to three times more grass to cut and sidewalks to edge. Over the years, you spend maybe thousands more on utility and other fees and countless hours mowing and edging walks. And your home is worth not a dime more than your neighbors.


Dear Reader:

I posed your query to Stuart LeVene, an agent with Re/Max Acclaimed who has more than 28 years of experience in residential home sales.

LeVene says you might have answered your own question.

"A corner lot has more traffic and less privacy than an interior lot," LeVene explains. "What's more, the lot owner may pay more county fees and spend more money on sidewalk snow removal and maintenance.

"Corner lots sometimes are irregularly shaped," LeVene says, "which makes them less desirable."

Most buyers prefer a home site with a level, rectangular lot bordered by trees or landscaping, he says.

"Many buyers today like smaller lots with less maintenance," LeVene says. "Homes in subdivisions and established neighborhoods are more popular than homes in the country."

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