YUshchenko - Shchampagne? Viktor-y in Ukraine? The vote's tomorrow, Away then with sorrow! Today - a holiday refrain: Best to all, to all good cheer, Let Peach abound & banish fear! Raise now a toast (It surely helps) To Jamie Foxx and Michael Phelps, To Ken Jennings, camp of Jeopardy! And Cindy Wolf, all salt-and-pepperdy! Singh we a songh now to India's top guy, And to Ayad Allawi and Hamid Karzai. To Illinois Senator Barack Obama, A place in the Democrats' futurama! To Ariel Sharon and to Abu Mazen, Hopes for peace, West Bankish and Gazan. Let's clap our hands for Fleisher, Leon, And here's something else we all agree on: A groaning board and most succulent dish For Leonard D. Hamm, the acting commish! For Aung San Suu Kyi, under house arrest, And Janet Jackson, with - well, who'd have guessed? And in this season of the precarious towel, Cheer Desperate Housewives AND Michael Powell. Plus Bernie Kerik's nanny! And Ramirez, Manny! Now string this garland from near to farland, A Fenway headline: "Hub Fans Bid Curse Adieu: With a wreath to Updike, and a laurel or two. Hit the ground running and gather no moss For Condoleezza Rice and spooky Porter Goss. No, that's unsentimental - be more gentlemental! God rest ye merry, Spidey 2; Stewart, Jon, and Man Group, Blue. Blow your horn for Wynton Marsalis: "O Tannenbaum," uber alles! Ring the bells, loud and pealy, for Georgian prexy Mikhail Saakashvili. The herald angels (natch) sing Hark! For teh 14th District, and Mary Pat Clarke, But now you're thinking this holiday rhyme - grows tedious. You wonder, "Why'm I reading this, with wrapping underfoot and dinner to do and the cat having put Some gob of something into my shoe?" Or did you find this under the what-knows-who Of upside-down stuff that mounts all day? Is modern verse better? Is that what you say? Traditional doggere! Does not agree. Have an egg-noggerel And light up the tree. Pacem in terris! Let Nothing ye dismay. Hey - It's Christmas! It's jingle all the way!

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