Blake failed to aid dying wife, man says


LOS ANGELES - A doctor who watched Robert Blake as his wife lay dying said the actor made no effort to help her - actions he testified yesterday were uncharacteristic of survivors he has seen facing the imminent death of loved ones.

Dr. James Michael McCoy, a health-care system administrator and physician for 25 years, said Blake's cries for help "didn't seem to have an element of distress."

The Air Force veteran who saw combat in Vietnam was the fourth witness in two days to testify that the former Baretta star acted "odd" in the minutes after his wife was shot May 4, 2001. They all said Blake did not go near or look toward Bonny Lee Bakley, 44, his wife of six months and the mother of his youngest child, in the final minutes of her life.

McCoy and a friend were walking back from dinner when they observed Blake in the minutes after the shooting.

Prosecutors will rely heavily on motive to prove their circumstantial case. They say Blake despised Bakley and would have done anything to gain sole custody of their daughter, Rosie.

Blake's defense lawyer said the case lacks physical evidence.

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