Police stop unruly game twice in Randallstown


Police twice had to stop last night's nonleague boys basketball game at Randallstown between the Rams and Woodlawn because of unruly behavior that threatened to ignite into chaos.

With 4:29 left to play, a near-fight broke out among players, and technical fouls were assigned to each team after four police officers went onto the court and restored order.

With two minutes left, the game was stopped again by the four officers after players and fans started screaming at one another, and it appeared that Woodlawn players might go into the stands after some fans.

At least one Randallstown fan leaped from the fourth row onto the court and was restrained. A police officer addressed the crowd on a microphone and said: "Calm down. No one needs to be locked up tonight."

Three girls were handcuffed in the parking lot after fighting broke out following the game.

No. 11 Randallstown easily defeated the defending Baltimore County champion Warriors, 82-63, in an ugly, highly physical game marked by 55 fouls, 74 free throws and 54 turnovers. The gym was at full capacity.

"It was rough out there," said Randallstown's Domonic Venable who led all scorers with 21 points. "It was the most fouls I ever saw in a high school game, and they were hard fouls - no blood, no foul. The crowd was so loud you couldn't hear the coaches, and you had to listen for the point guard. Every year when these teams play, it's a lot like this, with tempers flaring."

Randallstown (4-0 overall, 0-0 league) took advantage of 13 first-quarter Woodlawn turnovers to lead 21-10. The Rams went on a 15-0 run after Woodlawn scored the game's first three points.

"The refs should have blown the whistle early when Randallstown played great, aggressive defense and we started responding," said Woodlawn coach Eddie Greene. "This is a big rivalry game, but nothing like this has ever happened between us before."

The No. 13 Warriors (2-2, 2-0) fought back in the second quarter, when the Rams went cold, shooting 2-for-11 from the floor. They had their lead cut to 35-27.

But Woodlawn turned the ball over their first three possessions of the second half, and Randallstown converted all three into baskets.

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