At USC, Leinart second to one: Bush


Heisman, Shmeisman. Southern California's football players obviously were unimpressed.

Trojans quarterback Matt Leinart was voted the best player in the country, but picking up the Heisman didn't mean much when it came to winning team most valuable player. USC's players voted running back Reggie Bush the team MVP.

The award was announced at the team banquet Tuesday night, three days after Leinart won the Heisman and Bush finished fifth.

Maybe if Leinart had brought the trophy to the banquet ...

All the rage

From Tuesday night's Late Show with David Letterman, the "Top Ten Signs Your Kid Is on Steroids":

10. His science fair project demonstrates ways to get around urine tests.

9. Explanation for his suddenly enhanced strength: "Uh, I'm Spider-Man?"

8. Drinks his milk and then eats the glass.

7. His lifelong dream is to run for governor of California.

6. During game of "Got your nose," tore Uncle Paul's face right off his head.

5. For Christmas, he's giving everyone diamonds he made by squeezing lumps of coal.

4. He goes outside to ride his bike - five minutes later, he calls from Mexico.

3. Instead of girls, he's constantly on the phone with BALCO founder Victor Conte.

2. His adrenal glands are the size of billiard balls.

1. Last year, she was prom queen. This year - prom king.

It's in the game

Just in case you happened to miss Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2004 - and also just in case you didn't even know there was a Spike TV - Madden NFL 2005 was named Best Sports Game. Madden accepted the award via taped address.

The show's host was Snoop Dogg - just in case you didn't even know there was a Snoop Dogg - who was joined by Tiger Woods to introduce the program. Presenters included soccer's Freddy Adu, boxing's Roy Jones Jr. and skateboarding's Tony Hawk.

By the way, BloodRayne was named Cyber Vixen of the Year. Yeah, that has nothing to do with sports, but we couldn't pass up the chance to get the words "Cyber Vixen" in the newspaper.

Wishin' and hopin'

For those who wish the Ravens well Sunday and believe in curses, please note: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

You bet your life

New York Post exclusive! Magna boss Frank Stronach - owner of Pimlico and Laurel race courses - may be the subject of a reality television show. Contestants would get $100,000 to wager. Sure, it's early, but here's a tip: Don't bet the whole thing on slots in Maryland.

Charles and the Supremes

Charles Barkley, TNT's motormouth NBA commentator, visited Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas this week in Washington. Barkley attracted a crowd in the cafeteria at the Supreme Court building. No reports of anyone being thrown through any windows.

Buy her a toaster

Tennis celebrity Anna Kournikova apparently has married singer Enrique Iglesias. She was spotted wearing a wedding band over the weekend at a charity event in Florida. Well, at least she finally won something.

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