Gifted Cook



Appliances and kitchen gadgets that look like your mother's or grandmother's are big. Here are a couple of items for the cook who's feeling nostalgic for the old times.

Oster's bright red Two Slice Toaster looks as though it could have made toast for the Beaver. Fun and funky, it's available at Target and Costco. $29.99.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Tulsa, Okla., cook and columnist Nettie McBirney, known as Aunt Chick, devised a line of plastic embossed cookie molds that became popular worldwide. Those molds, out of production for years, are available again. Look for them at $5- $30.

Conversation starter

No more awkward silences when guests come to dinner. Here are a couple of items sure to get them talking.

Rest assured, neither Rudolph nor his friends were harmed in the creation of the stag antler carving set available at Sur La Table. The set is made in England from antlers that were naturally shed. $249.95. The pastel polka-dotted skillets from Bialetti add a touch of whimsy to the pot rack. They come with a Teflon-coated interior and cast-iron exterior. Available at mass retailers. $19.99.


Shopping for a cook with sophisticated taste? These beverage containers are sure to make an impression.

Riedel Crystal has been making wineglasses for 300 years. The company's newest decanter, the Cornetto, made from mouth-blown leaded crystal, will let you serve your wine with style. Available at $111.99.

The Naoko tea maker from Bodum looks as though it came straight from a story in The Arabian Nights. The stainless-steel teapot comes with a basket infuser and is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy's, online at and by calling 800-23BODUM. $50.


Cooks like to show off during the holidays. Here are a couple of items that will make their works even more impressive.

Nordic Ware, which has turned bundt cakes into an art form with its pans resembling flowers and cathedrals, has come up with a new one that will turn a cake into an evergreen forest. Available in kitchen supplies stores. $30.

Cooks don't have to settle for boring, round creme brulees when they have Bon Jour's holiday ramekins shaped like snowmen, trees and bells. They are available in kitchen stores nationwide. $4 for individual ramekins, $13 for a set of four.


If your cook has plenty of appliances, pots, pans and cutlery, here are some other ideas.

Williams-Sonoma makes crafting beautiful pies easy with its new oak-leaf lattice cutter. Just place the rolled-out dough between two plastic grids for a quick and neat cut. Available at www.williams-sono or by calling 800-541-2233. $20.

If your favorite cook isn't watching the carbs, then what could be more practical than Wood Prairie Farm's Main Potato Sampler of the Month Club? The fivemonth program offers three varieties of organic potatoes that arrive in gift boxes every month. Call 800-829-9765 or visit $169.

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