Rankings are a compilation of opinions of eight NFL writers from Tribune Publishing papers across the country (last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Steelers (1) Ben Roethlisberger does terrific job leading Steelers over Jaguars.

2. Patriots (2) Bill Belichick got his players to believe Browns were dangerous.

3. Eagles (3) Shouldn't we fast-forward to Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl?

4. Colts (4) Three more TD passes for Peyton Manning.

5. Chargers (5) Martyball is back as LaDainian Tomlinson scorches Broncos' defense.

6. Jets (8) They are in the AFC wild-card driver's seat.

7. Falcons (6) Knew there was something fishy about Falcons at 9-2.

8. Packers (7) Brett Favre's streak of 36 games with TD pass ends in Philly.

9. Ravens (9) Can't blame this one on Kyle Boller.

10. Vikings (10) As long as Vikings are under the dome, they're OK.

11. Broncos (11) Jake Plummer comes up microscopically small when needed.

12. Jaguars (12) Byron Leftwich brings Jags downfield late, but not late enough.

13. Bills (13) Bills are one of the hottest teams in football.

14. Bengals (14) Carson Palmer looks like the real deal.

15. Rams (17) Backup Chris Chandler saves the day against 49ers.

16. Panthers (19) After four straight wins, they're in the wild-card hunt.

17. Seahawks (15) Tell the Seattle defense that tackling is legal.

18. Buccaneers (21) Defense takes a page out of Super Bowl 2002.

19. Cowboys (25) Julius Jones looks like the next Emmitt Smith.

20. Texans (16) Playoff hopes go up in smoke against Jets.

21. Bears (28) Chad Hutchinson vowed to show Bills Parcells he was wrong.

22. Chiefs (23) Chiefs show they have heart by beating Raiders on road.

23. Lions (26) Lions finally pull one out, even if it's against Cardinals.

24. Titans (20) Tennessee loss says so long to any playoff hopes.

25. Giants (18) Tom Coughlin has lost five straight.

26. Redskins (30) So this is what a Joe Gibbs offense looks like.

27. Raiders (22) Kerry Collins gets no help from running game or defense.

28. Saints (24) Jim Haslett gets to keep his job ... for a few more hours.

29. Cardinals (27) John Navarre isn't the answer at quarterback, either.

30. Browns (29) Terry Robiskie's interim gig no better than with Redskins.

31. Dolphins (31) A.J. Feeley throws four more interceptions. Against Bills.

32. 49ers (32) At least GM Terry Donahue is starting to get some of the blame.

Comments by Bob Glauber, Newsday

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