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Fire starts on truck carrying explosives

A pickup truck carrying explosive devices caught fire and pulled into the parking lot behind the Winchester Exchange Building off Railroad Avenue in Westminster shortly before 9 a.m. yesterday.

The truck driver quickly unloaded his cargo and set it away from the vehicle and then used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

"It appeared to be the brake rotor that caught fire," said fire engineer Ivan Browning of the Westminster Fire Department. "A fire marshal got there before we did and helped the truck driver put out the fire. We used a fire extinguisher to finish cooling it off and make sure it was out."

Deputy Fire Marshal K. Arthur McGhee said the truck driver "did pretty good" getting the six small boxes of explosive devices away from the fire and "pulling into a place he thought would be safe off the road."

The truck was carrying detonators and boosters that McGhee said "are not as powerful as dynamite, but used to detonate dynamite and are still explosive."

The truck driver, who declined to give his name, said he could not talk about the incident. The truck carried the insignia for Dyno Nobel Inc. of Salt Lake City but had Illinois license plates.

Westminster police assisted the Fire Department in keeping other vehicles and people away from the scene.

Commissioners expected to adopt Hampstead plan

The Carroll County commissioners are expected to adopt on Tuesday the Hampstead Community Comprehensive Plan, a document that has already won town and Planning Commission approval.

The plan for the town and its environs is the first to go through a new process that includes community participation, workshops and residential surveys. The town adopted the plan more than a year ago.

"The draft reflects major concepts from the county and the town," said Brenda Dinne, bureau chief for comprehensive planning for the county. "It includes the incorporated town limits and areas outside the town that we call the growth area boundary."

Planners are not proposing any major zoning changes. The commissioners did authorize one amendment to county zoning maps for Hampstead yesterday. It will reflect the town's annexation of a 5-acre parcel east of Main Street that includes the Old Hampstead Elementary School.

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