What She Really Wants


They're your gal pals. You read each other's minds. Make each other laugh. Always know just what to say. And yes, you all know each other better than men know you. Because, quite simply, you're girlfriends. And this holiday season, you must find that perfect gift for each of them. Something cute and silly -- or splashy and garish. Maybe something a little wicked. Whatever you choose, you know she'll like it. And we've made it a little easier for you with some suggestions for great girlfriend gifts.

Typewriter Jewelry

In case you were wondering, retro is in. OK, your friend never really left that decade that shall remain nameless. Good thing shops everywhere understand her (and everyone's) obsession with all things classic and vintage. Uncommon Goods, for instance, offers Typewriter Jewelry, handmade from the classic round keys of vintage 1920s, '30s and '40s typewriters. The Multicolored Keys Bracelet ($80) features 11 keys set on stainless steel and joined by rhodium nickel loops. Call 888-365-0056 or visit www.UncommonGoods.com.

What a Pedicure!

She deserves a little pampering. So go on, splurge! Buy her this snazzy pedicure. She'll never forget it. The What a Pedicure! bedroom slippers ($18.95) from Casual Living will keep her tootsies warm in the winter, feet nicely padded, and, most importantly, her housemate chuckling at every big-footed step. The colorful slippers feature larger-than-life velour feet with painted toenails. Slippers come in green, blue or hot pink. Sizes are small (5-6), medium (7-8) and large (9-10). Visit www.CasualLivingUSA.com or call 800-843-1881.

Jeannine's Bakery Gathering Kit

True, there are certain gifts that one gives in hopes of being invited to share in their delight. One such gift would be Jaqua Beauty's Jeannine's Bakery Gathering Kit ($39.50), available at In Watermelon Sugar, 3555 Chestnut Ave., Hampden. The bakery-decorated hexagonal box contains sweet treats for the body, including jars of Pumpkin Papaya Puree Enzyme Face Masque, Orange Creamsicle Body Polish Gentle Sugar Scrub, Buttercream Frosting Sinfully Rich Body Butter, and thankfully, three invitations. Sweet thanks, indeed. Visit the store, call 410-662-9090 or visit www.JaquaBeauty.com.

Girl Talk Coasters

Part sassy and part smart. The new Girl Talk Coasters ($8), available at Sideshow, the new American Visionary Art Museum shop, 800 Key Highway, have much in common with your dear girl. With vintage images, and, well, not so vintage sayings, the coasters will have all the girls smirking at get-togethers. Twelve coasters in six designs come in the set. Call 410-244-1900 or visit www.avam.org.

Stacking Jewelry Box

She's a jewel of a friend. So consider the new Stacking Jewelry Box ($50) from Red Envelope for her to neatly store her wares. The box features three satin-covered interlocking trays -- in plum, lavender and lilac. A satin loop is attached to the top of the first box for easy opening. Visit www.RedEnvelope.com or call 877-733-3683.

Best-Dressed Hooks

Spiffier than your average hook, the Best-Dressed Hooks ($22.95) from Paragon will brighten up her wall and allow for tangle-free hanging of scarves, belts, necklaces and more. One large (17-inch) metal hanger hook holds four decorative metal evening gowns, each attached to smaller hooks. Call 800-657-3934 or visit www.paragongifts.com.

Shoes calendar

Just as Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City loved her Manolo Blahniks, so, too, does your girly-girl pal. In fact, she's shoe-obsessed. Her home is basically a shoe storage area with a few other rooms for living. So naturally, you can't pass by the 2005 Shoes gallery calendar (Workman Publishing, $15.95). The desk calendar features one coveted shoe after another -- one for each day of the year (Saturdays and Sundays count as one page) -- from Andre Perugia's cubist sandals to Vivienne Westwood's satin platforms. Visit www.workman.com or your local bookstore.

Quiet Time

Mary Chapin Carpenter sang of wanting "cool quiet and time to think" in her gal anthem "Passionate Kisses." Shouldn't she have this, she asked. Women everywhere echoed her pleas. And Red Envelope listened. The company has just the gift set for Carpenter, as well as for your gal pal, for when she needs to clear her head and relax. The Quiet Time care package ($30) includes a soft eye mask and comfy chest pillow, both filled with lavender and flaxseed, which counters fatigue and stress. Visit www.RedEnvelope.com or call 877-733-3683.

Diva Quintet

Yes, she's a bit of a diva, and she knows it. And that's part of her charm. So how appropriate to purchase her the Diva Quintet display ($20) from Uncommon Goods. She can set down her keys, eyeglasses, cell phone or other knickknacks on the five plump ladies' metal laps. The display measures 2 inches long by 8 inches wide by 5 inches high. Visit www.UncommonGoods.com or call 888-365-0056.

Capri Blue Jar Candles

She's the candle queen. Owns more candles than she can count. Always has one burning. And seems to purchase (at least) one every time you go shopping. She'd love to open a candle shop, if she could. So feed her candle craving with Capri Blue Jar Candles ($28 each) from Anthropologie at Towson Town Center, 825 Dulaney Valley Road. The delectable candles come in Volcano (sugared orange, lemon and lime), Aloha (fresh orchids, jasmine and gardenia with white blossoms), Rain (an Asian floral with rain) and Orange (freshly peeled naval orange with tart rind). Each candle burns for at least 140 hours. Visit the store in Towson, call 410-828-5521 or visit www.Anthropologie.com.

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