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Letters to the Editor


Bar smoking in restaurants

It is time for Howard County to join Montgomery County by going smoke-free in its restaurants and bars.

Montgomery County, along with many other states and municipalities, has decided that the health of restaurant servers, bartenders, and customers is of the utmost importance - more important than any potential economic loss from going smoke-free. Howard County should do the same.

Opponents of smoke-free bars and restaurants claim that these establishments will lose money when the smokers go elsewhere. Perhaps. But they will also reclaim revenue from people like myself and my friends (mostly in our twenties) who often go out in Montgomery County to avoid the smoke so prevalent elsewhere. We're often less vocal than the smokers, but we're out there.

My message to the Howard County Council: the longer you fail to act, the more time and money we will spend in Montgomery County. Let us know when you're ready to do the right thing and we'll come back home. In the meantime, don't breathe in too deeply while you're out to eat.

Richard Brame


A child's view: Make room for all

My name is Carlie and I'm 6 3/4 . I was with my mommy and my daddy. We went to the Mall in Columbia. At the mall we only saw Christmas decorations. I felt sad because the mall should celebrate every holiday. I felt mad, too, because other people may get sad. I would like the mall to celebrate every holiday, not just Christmas. This would make everyone feel happy.

Carlie Caplan


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