Rankings are a compilation of opinions of eight NFL writers from Tribune Publishing papers across the country (last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Steelers (1) Ben Roethlisberger coming down to earth.

2. Patriots (2) Ravens victims of latest Patriots rubout.

3. Eagles (3) Philly has won four division games by an average of 21 points.

4. Colts (4) Peyton Manning on track for 60 TD throws.

5. Chargers (7) Who expected the Bolts to actually win at K.C.?

6. Falcons (5) Not a great team, but good will do in NFC.

7. Packers (9) Brett Favre: 200 starts, 132 wins.

8. Jets (10) Chad Pennington to the rescue pretty soon.

9. Ravens (6) No Jamal Lewis equals no chance for the Ravens.

10. Vikings (11) Surprise, surprise: Defense sealed win over the Jaguars.

11. Broncos (8) Denver should never lose in the snow.

12. Jaguars (12) Must-win game against Steelers tonight.

13. Bills (20) Willis McGahee gamble looking pretty good now.

14. Bengals (16) Rudi Johnson is better than Corey Dillon.

15. Seahawks (13) Entire Seahawks roster should be embarrassed.

16. Texans (17) Nice bounce back after late collapse against Packers.

17. Rams (14) What was up with that fake field-goal call?

18. Giants (15) Hard to believe, but they're one game out of the playoffs.

19. Panthers (26) Julius Peppers was All-World against Tampa Bay.

20. Titans (18) Steve McNair hints at retirement, but he'll be back.

21. Buccaneers (19) Most boring team in the NFL.

22. Raiders (28) Raiders have a new playmaker in receiver Ronald Curry.

23. Chiefs (22) Chiefs should change all 11 defensive starters.

24. Saints (25) Some actually picked the Saints to win the NFC South.

25. Cowboys (29) Nice throwback uniforms; not-so-nice Drew Henson debut.

26. Lions (21) Remember when Joey Harrington was considered good?

27. Cardinals (23) Dennis Green's quarterback shuffling doomed his team.

28. Bears (24) Please burn those orange jerseys.

29. Browns (27) Next up for the Browns: Nick Saban or Charlie Weis.

30. Redskins (30) Clinton Portis has only two rushing TDs.

31. Dolphins (31) Winners of last Sunday's Toilet Bowl 2004.

32. 49ers (32) They're on the clock.

Comments by Ryan O'Halloran, Newport News Daily Press

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