Sinkhole in Mount Vernon repaired in time for annual lighting of monument


Hours before the city switched on holiday lights adorning the Washington Monument, Baltimore transportation officials reported that the neighborhood's sinkhole was no more.

A broken sewer pipe created the sinkhole in the 600 block of Cathedral St. on July 23 near the monument in Mount Vernon.

The historic neighborhood - which includes fragile 19th-century homes and parks with statues and fountains - required workers to take particular care in the repairs, the officials said.

The workers were not able to use as much heavy equipment as they would have liked, and they limited their hours of work.

As a result, Cathedral Street between Mount Vernon Place and Centre Street was closed for months, rerouting traffic away from the southbound artery into downtown.

Work to repair the pipe and repave the road cost more than $600,000 and was completed Tuesday, the officials said.

It was just in time for the monument lighting, one of the neighborhood's premier events.

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