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Accord reached in Caner-Medley legal case


A Cumberland County (Maine) District Court judge yesterday approved an agreement that will dismiss disorderly conduct charges against Maryland basketball player Nik Caner-Medley if the junior forward meets certain conditions, said assistant district attorney Tracy Bardwell.

Caner-Medley, 21, who was arrested on July 23 after an altercation in the bar district of his hometown of Portland, Maine, agreed to pay court costs of $200 and perform two 11-day sessions of community service at a camp for disabled children and adults.

"As long as he meets the conditions and commits no criminal activity or civic violation in the one-year period, the case will be dismissed," said Bardwell, who added that the case could be reinstated if Caner-Medley fails to comply with the conditions.

The agreement was made earlier this month and finalized yesterday when it gained "judicial approval," said Bardwell.

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